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You seem to be a God-fearing man, steadfastly pray for her, as you have repented for your sins. Praying is something I’ve been doing for quite some time now. If I tell her I’m in a bad mood or angry over some work issues, she says that I’m just finding excuses to ignore her.Ask the Father for strength and guidance, He will not forsake you. We are imperfect beings and as long as we continually seek the grace and likeness of our Father, through His Son, we are making the effort to lead the life that is pleasing to Him. I’ve been praying for her and her husband to get together stronger and better, loving each other. And she starts again with the “You used me and threw me” routine.

The time at which Lens lands, therefore, couldn't have been more apt. It's okay to be vulnerable, but let's think twice about the victims, shall we? For instance, you get a video message on your phone. But how many of us have mercilessly downloaded and shared it, let alone watched? Like Yohan says in the film, "Neenga ovvoru vaatiyum ava ponnatha rape pandringa da." To get the latest entertainment news and gossip, follow us on Twitter @Showbiz_IT and Like us on facebook.com/India Today For news and videos in Hindi, go to Aaj

Dear Jojo This lady may not be who she says she is. And her husband is a wonderful man, at least from the outside he seems so. And how could I continue on to find my own girl in life, if I keep being nervous as to what she (the soul mater) thinks. I feel liked I’m tied down, despite her being thousands of miles away. I want her to start trusting her husband and sharing with him everything that she shared with me. If somebody approaches me at this time, I yell at them impulsively.

If you know you want to play soccer If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can also start a new group.

It’s free to create a Meetup account and join existing groups, but if you start your own meetup you’ll have to pay organizer dues.

I tried calling he wasn't picked and claimed he left his phones in the car. We practically talk everyday, we tell each other everything just like old times.

I confronted him when he got back from work to get the phone. When i talk of any male friends visiting over he becomes irritated, and he sometimes hints on us being together.(things like shey when we're married you will be doing this and that). Very sick people prey on sympathetic such as yourself and have fun at their expense. Ever since I’ve expressed these feelings to her, she also starts to get suspicious of me if I forget to say her a good morning. In real life, most people can visually see that I’m stressed and therefore they refrain from asking me something when I’m down.If this lady is in the predicament you say she is, I would think it be best you urge her to seek help/advice from someone trusts. She is a soul mate of sorts cos we have similar thoughts. She says I am trying to move on, ditching her, after using her. But since she is only messaging on whatsapp, she can’t see my suffering or mood swings. But at the same time, if I say anything about a girl or say even someone is beautiful, she starts to get jealous and angry. For her kids to be so happy seeing their parents in love. Sometimes my work pressures put me in a sad or angry mood. I said ok I’ll do it as a friend and this friend term offends her. I’ve been praying for her and her husband to get together stronger and better, loving each other. But due to my anxiety and stress and my constant work pressure and running about from one job to another, I hardly have time to message and I often forget what I am messaging and saying. I am not the snooping type even though I know his password.