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Adrian Grenier, Adrien Brody with his partner Lara Lieto, Ty Dolla Sign, and Natasha Bedingfield were also in attendance at the after party.If you missed it, be sure to check out our full coverage of the ! Guests enjoyed Rémy Martin cocktails specially named for the evening which included The V-Factor, Hollywood Sidecar, and the La La Lemonade.

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As a vehicle for Grenier to transition between acting, directing and producing, with some partners, he started Reckless Productions in 2001.The company focused on producing socially minded films.In 1997, Grenier left Bard to embark on a film career.He made his film debut in the independent drama, Arresting Gena, then in 1999 played opposite Melissa Joan Hart in Drive Me Crazy and in 2001 starred in James Toback's Harvard Man.held at Milk Studios on Sunday (February 12) in Hollywood.

The couple are expecting their first child together soon and they could not look happier!

“Oh my God, I’m really going to have a little person! Grenier’s motto for her new life as a parent: “Whatever I did before, I’ll just do the same thing. “His wife initially wanted to embrace a relationship with Adrian. “I don’t think Adrian was bummed when he realized John wasn’t going to be around after that visit,” Grenier says.

Outside of the juicy tidbits and insider information she's gleaned from being a part of Bachelor Nation, the TV personality also dishes on the trysts she had as a working model cavorting around Hollywood before her reality TV fame (or infamy). Self-Love: Much of the book is about on-screen love and off-screen sex, and the model-turned-reality TV villain credits her sexual awakening—and subsequent frenzied masturbation—to '90s hit TV dramas.

" The TV personality claims they never had "actual sex" in the six years the star at the aforementioned celebrity bash and found him much more appealing than Grenier so they began dating although "Jesse was by his own admission, an alcoholic and an addict..would disappear for days at a time." The actor wined and dined her and she was his date to the Emmys, but their romantic life was so-so."I wish I could say that we were the greatest lovers since Christian Grey and Ana Steele. "Jim Toth was thirty-eight, about thirteen years older than me, and ready for marriage and babies, the whole nine yards," and while she enjoyed dating him briefly she admitted, "it was clear to me that we were in different places in our lives and he was too old for me."Later after their non-affair ended, she learned he'd become "Mr. Sweet, but Sad Simpson: Not all of the star's memoir is post-coital scoop.

While posing for an ad for Jessica Simpson's hair extensions line, the working model met the "With You" singer soon after her split with Nick Lachey.

They met in upstate New York at a summer camp run by the Theosophical Society, an organization that brings together wisdom and knowledge from all religions, exploring spirituality and “the essential oneness” of all beings.“I taught the kids yoga and spiritual movement,” Grenier says.