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Nick meets some students and finds out about life at university in Oxford and London.

In this episode, Stephen and Ashlie have a friend called Jazz visiting from abroad.

“I watched #nakedattraction last night and thought it was great!

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The Horizon episode: How to find love online just aired and here’s a blog I wrote straight after filming for the show.I have no idea what just happened or if I’ll even be involved, but judging by whats been seen so far, it looks like I might be.In fact, we now know that the competition will take part in three stages - in the first, the acts will audition as solo artists; in the second, they'll be performing in groups; and in the third, they'll face the all-important live shows. Simon Cowell won't be too happy to hear that Dannii Minogue has signed up to be a permanent judge on the show, but the rest of us are doing cartwheels (hooray! We always loved Dannii on She and Gary are joined by a third permanent judge - none other than Spandau Ballet star Martin Kemp!We can all agree that this is a pretty impressive line-up, no?Channel 4’s brand new programme, which sees singletons choose potential dates based on their nude body parts, left many viewers with their jaws on the floor when it aired on Monday night.

But despite the fact that the show left some people ‘shocked’, an impressive amount actually tuned in to get a first look at the controversial programme.“#nakedattraction really does represent a new low for TV. Someone else posted: “I'm in shock at how comfortable these people are with bearing all on national television!I expect far more from @Channel4 than such lowest common dominator nonsense,” one person wrote on Twitter. #Naked Attraction.” Other views seemed to think that the programme actually promoted healthy body shapes and sizes.We were asked and signed a contract saying we wouldn’t talk about the programme till the TX (TV transmission date). It was an interesting time and the experiments were quite good too.From what I gather on the day, Hannah Fry wrote an algorithm to match people and Xander?Who will be hosting, who will be judging, what's the prize, and is Simon Cowell (after lots of rumours that Gary had been working on a new talent competition).