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Now Chris plans to make the most of his freedom and lead a normal teenager's life.

Where do I start, well I have never heard of either Chris Trousdale or Dream Street and until I started watching "The Biggest Fan" thought they were fictional, dreamed up for the movie.

The whole film creates such a good rappot with the viewers.

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There is some definate chemistry in this film and you really hope chris and ashley get together in the end.I really recommend it but only if you like slightly sopy teen movies. Teen heartthrob Chris Trousdale, lead singer of popular boy band Dream Street finds himself hiding out in the house of his biggest fan. I saw The Biggest Fan when I was on holiday with a friend. Hit songs from Dream Street, Ruby Blue and Play featuring Chris Trousdale. Lim in THE BIGGEST FAN Starring Michael Winslow, Leslie Easterbrook, Shanelle Workman, and Co-Starring Morgan Brittany, Erin Cahill, Marissa Tait, Adam Wylie, Claudia Swan, Courtnee Draper, James Hong, Ronnie Schell.But what goes on in "The Biggest Fan" is so insipid and frankly annoying that the only people who could possibly enjoy it are fans of Trousdale and Dream Street.

It basically trawls through the box of teen movie cliches, from humour to characters and just throws them at the movie to fill in between Trousdale trying to experience normal teen life.

The one thing which "The Biggest Fan" has going for it is that it has a few recognizable faces which will appeal to those older audiences who have the misfortune to watch this.

Pat Morita, Leslie Easterbrook, James Hong and Michael Winslow all show up in supporting roles, often playing a variation on the characters which made them famous.

He was also a member of the Broadway Kids (whose alumni include Christy Carlson Romano, Lacey Chabert and Greg Raposo), with whom he recorded several CDs.

In 1999, he was chosen to be one of the five members of the teen boy band Dream Street (formerly known as 'Boy Wonder' -minus Matt, Frank, and Jesse-), created by Brian Lukow and Louie Baldonieri alongside Gregory Raposo, Matthew Ballinger, Frank Galasso, and Jesse Mc Cartney.

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