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trumpet Los Angeles Philharmonic)Occasionally a Schilke C trumpet.

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This is now known as a “natural” or valveless trumpet and it could create a limited number of “harmonic tones.” Shortly thereafter, the “tromba da tirarsi” was invented, a mouth pipe fitted with a slide, which, when played, could produce a chromatic scale.

(That instrument was the predecessor to the trombone.) As the art of trumpet-making improved among Nuremberg, Germany, metalworkers in the 1500s, composers began to write for the trumpet in works such as fanfares, toccatas, and sonatas.

) website Benge serial numbers from 1973 - 1981 (sn before 10,000 is pre-1973) from the Besson factory website Besson serial numbers from the Calicchio factory website Calicchio serial numbers from the Conn factory ( from Lars Kirmser's Music Trader website Schilke serial numbers through 1977 Bach serial numbers through 1994 from Jim Donaldson's Trumpet Gearhead website Martin serial numbers and other interesting info about Martins from Eric W.

Nicklas' trombone pages, at the U of Missouri website: data from Gordon Cherry, Bach, Besson, Conn, Holton, King, and Olds serial numbers Are You On The Web?

This instrument is in fantastic shape and has a beautiful engraving of Pan on the bell. Built and utilized in the Conn research lab as an experimental trumpet, and features an interchangeable set o...

Brand: Martin Model: Handcraft Committee Year: 1940 Bore: Medium #2 Finish: Raw Brass Serial: 137523 Case: Yes This is a 1941 Martin Handcraft Committee in a raw finish.

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(3 of his horns are still at his home in Corona Nyc.)Martin Troubadour trumpet (in the 1932 film "Rhapsody in Black and Blue")EMO (played on at least one of his Australian tours) Before: Bach/Malone trumpets, P5-4 Schilke piccolo Now: C Yamaha Xeno 8445 model, MC2 leadpipe,(by Thomas Lubitz, Yamaha Atelier in Neu Isenburg)Xeno silverplated 8345 Bb trumpet, 3 valves Yamaha Bb/A piccolo (YTR-9820C)Yamaha 4 valves Eb Special C piccolo trumpet (made by Lubitz)6335H Bb cornet Martin, Committee model (50s)Selmer flugelhorn (60s)Conn Constellation 38B (70s)Buescher Aristocrat, student's model (early to mid 80s - pawnshop)Getzen Capri (86 - 87)Selmer, model: Vincent Bach Stradivarius (87 - 88) also a large bore Besson Flugel Martin-Committee 2B,(Dizzys Martin 2B sold to him from Bill Berry for 0)Fixed bell Schilke B6 w a 6.5 ounce copper bell 1965- 1969 Getzen 900s Schilke B6Lb, custom, with beryllium bell, medium .450 bore Besson Meha pocket trumpet (one of only four made in the world)Besson Meha pocket cornet (made for a show starring Josephine Baker, in Paris, in the 1920)Olds Ambassador cornet Civil War era cornet Pakistani pocket trumpet Three Star Boston Cornet (his first buy - see his Autobio.)Conn Wonder Solo Cornet, King Master Cornet, Had to play a Conn during his Sousa days.

His colleague Frank Holton started his own company, made the H. model which Clarke (and Joe Oliver) used Selmer, Holton Galaxy trumpet, Holton B-47, H. White King Liberty trumpet, Blessing Super 1938, French Besson Meha (1940s-50s), Selmer K-Modified (1950s-60s)Getzen Eterna Doc Severinsen (last part of his life) Bb trumpet: YTR 8310Z Custom, YTR 8335S Xeno, YTR 936GS Rotary C trumpet: YTR 9445 CHS Artist Model, YTR 964GS Rotary Eb/ D trumpet: YTR 9610 Custom, YTR 9630 Custom Piccolo trumpet: YTR 9830 Custom, YTR 9820 Custom Flugelhorn: YFH 631GCornet: YCR 6330II Started on a Selmer Grand Prix, FA Reynolds (seen on photos with one), Martin Committee, French Besson Brevete, Vega power model, Martin Imperial, Martin Magna Flugelhorn: Olds Super Martin, Martin Magna (Fat Girl) Bb trumpet: Yamaha YTR 6335HGC trumpet: Yamaha YTR 6445HG S D trumpet: Yamaha YTR 751Eb trumpet: Yamaha YTR 9350F-G trumpet: Schilke G1Bb cornet: Yamaha YCR 6330C cornet: Getzen Eterna Flugelhorn: Yamaha YFH 6310ZCurrently: Schilke custom (paper thin alloy) First instruments, trumpets with rotary valves; A rotary-valved cornet by Alexander, Selmer K Modified (60 and 70ies), Benge (gift from Vladimir Drucker, 1.

These horns were only built between 1939-1942 so they are quite rare.