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Annie is Sophie Hatter's youngest sister being only 15 years old.

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Even after you break up, you’ve got to admit, there’s something hot about a guy with status, even when he’s coughing up a milky lubricant for the blob to slide on.

Of COURSE this guy is moaning way louder than the rest of the blob.

His boat shoes and Barbour jacket may be totally pretentious, but that jawline is undeniable, though a little hard to see among the blob’s soft folds.

He’s got an in at every frat house, and kissing him in the building named for his great-grandfather will seem almost romantic the first time, but a little creepy after that. And he is most definitely one of my top fantasy men! Ida Thompson was a normal 16 year old girl who, with her older sister Elizabeth, ran a tailor shop, one of the only ones in her town. I used a character from a famous movie called Howl's Moving Castle. This is a Knowledge Quiz about Anime Characters and how well you know them. While on a trip to the bakery, however, her normal life gets turned upside-down once she encounters the handsome wizard Howl.Jim, Wicklow Hugh I was delighted to hear about your matchmaking service.