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No way has it been a whole week since the last update. Unfortunately I can't mention the occurrences of the last couple of years because by doing so I will inadvertently jinx myself thus triggering a cataclysmic event that will take the next month to fix whatever it is that I have destroyed. [Despite that fact I did] I don't think I've ever had to restrain myself more from calling someone a fag than I did at that particular moment. Weird because as I said a while back this is the time of year that something will [and always does] fuck up. The highlight of my week has to have been when the guy at the pet food shop told me I smelt nice... As has been the norm lately, everything has been nice and quiet around here.Sadly, for the pet food guy none of these criteria were met so he was left to settle for uncomfortable silence whilst I nervously awaited my credit card to process and tried not to hold the pen in a suggestive way. Add to that I recently got my first water bill which whilst not quite a momentous occasion left me feeling a little guilty. Well up until now I have never in my life had to pay a water bill. That's the entire contents of a decent sized backyard swimming pool.I think the lady actually thought I was a bit of a retard because the bill was only for around so not exactly bank breaking stuff but until now if you ever had of asked me how much water I use my guess wouldn't have come anywhere close to that. I noticed that its time again for the annual Pride Parade and I'm thinking it may be time to head in and witness this spectacle for myself.

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