Laptop constantly updating mcafee derek jeter dating june 2016

Is there some way to stop Mc Afee from doing this??

Hi, It looks like all the problems have come with me.

I recently purchased and installed Mc Afee Total Protection.

Mc Afee Security Scan is a free tool that automatically checks and reports if your PC is protected.Your PC's security status is determined by the state of your anti-virus and firewall protection.Mc Afee internet security through Shaw is installed on all my computers.I have turned off scheduled scanning as I prefer to run my scans manually when I choose.In fact, after being on the phone and on-line for over 3 hours, the best they could say was "this is a known problem and our tech support department is working on a fix that should be ready in 2 weeks" (of course why they couldn't have said that at the beginning is one of those mysteries of life).

Does anyone have a suggestion, including alternative programs that will do what Mc Afee does, without taking over my computer? Anyways I have bought a new hp 249 TU laptop 2 weeks ago.From the shop, I have gotten the Mcafee antivirus CD with a product key for 15 months subscriptrion.We noticed that cookies are turned off in your browser settings.Cookies are small files that we place on your computer to personalize your experience whenever you visit our website.With a bit of fiddling about, I can get it to remain "active".