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Combined with a capable firewall, Microsoft Security Essentials is currently the best and most hassle-free solution available for Windows.If you don’t agree with me, one of us is a monkeynut.Try this: set Windows Update to "never check for updates." If you have disabled a Windows service, re-enable it.

I've had to add the SYSTEM group to a lot of maps and give them full control, but shouldn't the SYSTEM already be there?Also, I had to remove the "read-only" attribute from the Program Data and Users folders, add the SYSTEM group there too and give them full control.The last automatic update of MSE was July 12, and attempting to download virus and spyware definitions right from the MSE panel now fails unconditionally.Anyone else with this problem, or anyone with experience in doing some sort of 'manual install' to get around what may be a temporary hiccup in Microsoft Updates for Vista?Running Vista-64 bit on a Dell desktop; using MSE version System Manufacturer/Model Number Dell Inspiron 530S OS Vista 64 CPU Pentium dual-core E5200 Motherboard Yes, it has one Memory 4GB Graphics Card Part of motherboard Sound Card Part of motherboard Monitor(s) Displays View Sonic VS13518 Hello again eloctrojim.

I seem to be the only forum regular who is using MSE, and no I do not have this problem - perhaps because my Windows updates for the month of July were all successfully installed on Tuesday, whereas your system is still choking on them.

However, it has a few quirks (to be specific) that may drive you to using another security tool (a cracked Kaspersky or Norton, maybe? So we’ll see what these two quirks are, and why you should rather ignore them and keep using this awesome tool.

Microsoft Security Essentials takes a ridiculous amount of time to update for the first time (just after you install it).

Please see some free third party tools, such as Avast Antivirus, Bit Defender Free or AVG. Microsoft Security Essentials uses Windows Update to download and install new definitions once a day.

If updates fail constantly, follow instructions in the Reinstall Windows Update article.

After updating is complete, a quick scan will start.