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The best way is, apply the Tracking table to Gantt chart, so you can record % complete; actual work; actual start etc.You can use the any of the following method to record Actuals: Note: If you are using the MS Project Server with time sheet functionality, please dont enter actuals directly on project plan.

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This breakdown includes total hours for each work resource per task eg, Task 1 has a total of 205hrs work for concrete labour'er etc) What I did was instead of entering the duration manually, I added all the resources to each task and then added the work to be done which in turn changed the duration for that task.Problem is now when I update the unit amount of a resource the specific task duration changes but the summary tasks do not change.You can then click the “OK” button to save your current project file as the selected baseline. (I have a breakdown of the resources for each task given to me by our QS.You can have up to eleven different baseline copies of your project file that you can create for comparison purposes.

Next, in the “For:” section, select the “Entire project” option button.Manual mode provides the flexibility to enter text-based values and document timing assumptions in the Start and Finish columns.You have the option to switch between manually scheduled and automatically scheduled tasks.In the manual scheduling mode, tasks can be entered with or without durations, start dates, or end dates.Durations and dates are entered as free-form text, and summary tasks do not inherit dates and task data from sub-tasks (Figure A).Before you begin to record the actual progress made (actual work performed) on the tasks within your project file, you should save a copy of the original project plan. You can use the baseline as a reference point later on as you begin to track the actual work performed on the project.