Robbie amell and italia ricci dating

He shared a photo of the proposal via Instagram Wednesday, writing, "She said yes!!!

I'm going marry my best friend."The engaged actors popped a bottle of bubbly to celebrate.

“I sent an invite to Victor Garber and my fiancée freaked out.

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"In between takes, we were at a bridal shop, so I was looking around and "I was like, 'This is convenient! "I bought my wedding dress from the place where April was trying hers on." WATCH: Italia Ricci Found Her Wedding Dress While Filming 'Chasing Life'!

In addition to their upcoming nuptials, the couple has plenty to celebrate in 2016.

’ and I’m like, ‘yes, he’s a friend,’ and she can’t get past that,” Robbie shared.

"She's just the most perfect little human," Ricci spilled of the two-year-old cutie and her role in the wedding.

Robbie Amell and Italia Ricci have been dating for years, and some photos of the actress in a white dress seriously gave us a shock!

While some fans were speculating in the comments that the couple got married, the captions on her Instagram photos reveal that the pics are from a bridal shower.

But we will be having an ice cream cake because I want a Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake.

And we’ll be having little burgers and pizza handed around at the end because we’re children.” Victor Garber is even coming!

"The only reason we waited was because we wanted the date to fall on two special numbers," the brunette beauty explained of the couple's lengthy engagement.

"I've really just been putting everything off because I'm terrified of all of the decisions." Ricci added, "I want everything." WATCH: Robbie Amell and the 'Duff' Cast Are Hilarious in These Bloopers!

Despite their busy schedules, the couple is not far behind with the wedding to-do list.