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‘I can’t reconcile the man I dated with the man he apparently became.

When I knew him, he was thirty-six, wildly romantic, and gentle'‘He was extremely masculine, but there was a fragility about him, as if he were made of fine and tawny flesh; and a reticence, a shyness, which was extremely appealing’ – after being with the man she had been dating and would marry, Pat De Cicco, a 33-year old tough guy and gambler who worked for Hughes in some minor capacity.

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Once during a stay in London, little Gloria spied on them through a half-open door and saw them ‘sitting together on a sofa, arms around each other, laughing and whispering in front of a glowing fire’.‘The allegation that my beautiful mother was a lesbian, clamped down on my ten-year-old heart, squeezing it hard…

Pain scrambled my brain, sucking me in a whirlpool of vile thoughts. Anderson recalls in one of their conversation that Gloria and his father, author and screenwriter Wyatt Cooper, Gloria’s fourth husband, told him that he would not be inheriting any money and would be financially on his own after college.

Nashua Telegraph Sunday, May 25, 2014 by Adna Glusac Milford High School senior and Interact Club officer Joint Interact Club, including Milford High, raises funds for charity Local students come together every day to work toward something that is much bigger than themselves. On May 1, the joint Interact Club consisting of students from Milford, Souhegan and Wilton-Lyndeborough high schools donated a total of ,250 they had raised to be divided among various organizations within the community and internationally.

Members have worked together to raise money all year through various Rotary Club events, such as the Milford Pumpkin Festival.

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