Sibling dating

Another friend shared a touchy situation with his 53-year-old sister who remains emotionally tethered to her parents and is regularly financially rescued by them.

A fourth friend shared about a sibling who, at 60, is in complete denial about life, doesn't work, can't make a basic decision, and spends most of his time "playing" with his teenage grandson and going to NASCAR races.

That prompted another friend to share how his brother was in a very unhealthy codependent relationship with his 90-year-old mother.

He expressed that he didn't know how his brother would survive after his mother died.

I remember walking home one day as someone on the street was blasting French Montana’s “Aint Worried About Nothin’.” If you’ve heard the song, you know there’s not much to it.

The song is basically the phrase “N*gga, I ain’t worried about nothin” repeated over and over again.

I was reminded of this sentiment when I read the news that Beau Biden’s widow is now dating his brother Hunter Biden.

As you may remember, Beau passed away from brain cancer in May 2015.

There are many things people need to learn about siblings and grief. 1) Sibling grief is often misunderstood—by parents, families, friends, and counselors, even by the siblings themselves. What about the ones who, like me, have grown up with the deceased?

So much focus is given to the parents of the lost child, to the children of the lost parent, to the spouse of the lost adult sibling. Who believed they would have a lifetime with their sister or brother? 2) Sibling grief “has been almost entirely overlooked in the literature on bereavement.”[1] It’s no wonder, therefore, that even mental health providers misunderstand sibling grief.

I’ve experienced how the death of two different siblings, at two different times of my life, and in two unique sets of circumstances has impacted my family and me.

These two death experiences were completely different.

My understanding and the impact these deaths, based on my age when they died, was completely different.