Sonny with a chance of dating script

Instead, Disney Channel filmed a mini reality show, the 2008 Disney Channel Original Short Series Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream, which followed the Jonas Brothers on a concert tour and premiered May 16.

"The spy concept was very big and very ambitious and it started to not feel quite right.

This is the first Disney Channel Original Series to be shot/aired In High Definition from the beginning; but like most of Disney Channel's sitcoms, it is shot on tape, but utilizes a 'filmized' appearance.

(So Random is shot in Studio 3 and Mac Kenzie falls is shot in Studio 2) The original name for the main character was Molly Monroe, and the show was originally named Welcome to Mollywood.

The main character's name was later changed to Sonny Munroe, and the show's title was changed to Sonny with a Chance.

It was strange that they brough Jax back for such a short visit. She looks like she's been working out, maybe taking a Pilate class or two. As usual, my rival Helen Lawson vied for the role, but a few well-placed dabs of Vaseline on the staircase quickly took care of that!

He just argued with Carly and made a few mysterious phone calls. Wonder if they are going to do more with the story or if its another story that was changed in the middle and they are moving on? Haha, she's in the cast, alright--a cast up to her, well, never mind, I am a LADY after all! A star of the stage, big and little screen must be exhausted at the end of the day. She isn't fit to comb the lovely hairs of your beard. Remember when Vicki gave birth to twins and didn't know it?

Sonny also tried to play peacemaker in the long standing feud between the cast of So Random!

and the cast of Mac Kenzie Falls, a popular teen drama show starring Chad Dylan Cooper (Sterling Knight) which shoots in the adjoining studio.

Shortly after the Jonas Brothers guest starred on the Hannah Montana episode "Me and Mr. The original concept for the TV series was about the band playing concerts as a cover while working as government secret agents to save the world and was entitled Jonas (an acronym which stood for "Junior Operatives Networking as Spies").

At the same time, they tried to hide their double lives from their mother and Frankie.

After going to a taping of her favorite childhood show, Pauly and Pals, Sonny gets an opportunity to be Pauly for a day, but this makes her woefully late to her date with Chad, making him worry that she's lost interest in him.

Sonny starts writing a song unaware that it's a song about her break-up with Chad.

The following is an episode list for the Disney Channel Original Series Sonny With a Chance. Due to Demi Lovato's choice to leave Disney Channel, the show has ended, the last episode having aired January 2, 2011. Sick of Tawni teasing her about her lack of fan mail, Sonny writes herself her own fan letter using the name "Eric," but when Marshall invites Eric to meet Sonny, she has to pretend to be him to hide her lie.