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I have to say the PES 2016 might be the greatest soccer game I've ever played. Graphics and atmosphere can be better, as well as menus and game modes.But the game on the pitch is nothing less than sublime.

PES 2016 my Club this week’s campaign is a bit different, the chance to be a loan arranger!The Quality Loan Campaign opens up the my Club loan market, allowing players to temporarily gain some quality personnel for their my Club teams.When the Camera Type is set to [Player] and the view isn't facing the opposition goal, you cannot make Feint controls."In other news, "Pro Evolution Soccer 2016" is now available for PC players.According to a report by Softpedia, Konami has already announced that the free-to-play version of the game has arrived in Steam.PES 2016 will also includes the UEFA Champions League club competition, with both the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League club competitions featured as individual modes or within the larger season overview upon qualification - with the UEFA Super Cup featured within the iconic Master League mode.

Konami and the PES 2016 team have announced Live Updates will begin on October 1, updating key player stats depending on their weekly performances.

Hopefully they list them but I have a feeling it will be the standard "and other aspects of gameplay to increase your enjoyment..." I'll ask my contacts at Konami but I doubt I hear anything this early since they're probably still working on it.

The PES 2016 my Club Quality Loan Campaign is live on my Club mode until 4am UTC on March 24, 2016.

The Data Pack will also include the following teams: That's disappointing after the all the editing I've done, been waiting to start a BPL Master league but the rosters aren't updated frustrating.

At least NBA comes out tomorrow so that should help at least me. The transfer window closed on the 31st of August and need 2 whole months to patch the rosters, whereas the community needs 1-2 days to come up with a roster, kit etc. I'm so happy I didnt give them any money this year.

Special Agents Not one, but two Special Agents have been added into my Club as part of the campaign, and each costs 10,000 GP or 250 coins per spin.