What couples started dating from biggest loser

kicked off on Tuesday night as eleven couples arrived at the ranch to begin their weight-loss journey.First up was a meeting with Alison, Bob and Jillian where they encountered their first weigh-in of the season. Total: 773lbs Ken feels terrible that his son is as big as he is, although Austin admits that he can't pass the blame onto anyone else like he used to.lovebirds Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson have some big news: They're expecting a baby together!

VIDEO: The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper can't get over a Julia Roberts encounter from 20 years ago.The Biggest Loser is an Australian reality television show, based on the original American ....That alone proves she'll be a great mom, he says."Just from the experience of her being my caretaker post-accident, it was a dead giveaway that she'd be a fantastic mother," the 27-year-old trainer tells Us. " she gushes to Us, noting that he also took great care of her early on in the pregnancy when she was "too exhausted to do anything." These days, she says, "I am feeling really good.This week's episode of "The Biggest Loser: Couples" was one hour, instead of two, but they managed to work in twice the number of surprises. -- viewers got to hear from Portland's contestant, Irene Alvarado, who opened up about her low-profile, self-effacing attitude, and the reasons for it. And Irene starts opening up, saying she learned that she could do anything.

After two weeks in New Zealand, and last week's elimination of Ken, the remaining contestants are back on the "Biggest Loser" ranch.But both agree they'll be happy no matter what. "It is such a joy and a testament to what we've been through that we've been able to go through some of the hardest chapters in our lives and start this new chapter with such positivity. Biggest Loser Season 5 was the second series to feature couples.Applications opened after the fourth season aired, and filming started at its regular time in ...Jillian Michaels is engaged to her longtime partner, Heidi Rhoades — watch her proposal! Michaels brought Rhoades to a movie theater, where the couple's family and friends were ...