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In fact, she recognizes several peers who are on parallel paths. It’s been exciting to see D’Angelo come out and Kendrick Lamar -- and Mark Ronson has done some stuff this year.

I think the people are ready to go back to that." Funk hasn't always been good luck for Hill's career: It was her funk rendition of "#that POWER" by will.that got her voted off of season 4 of stage, like, ‘What can I do in this moment that’s just going to grab people?

Her elimination during the Top 8 show was considered one of the most shocking of the show.Hear Unreleased Prince Music Debut at Versace Runway Show "He had been sending me songs for years – it was his way of communicating.The Swon Brothers, also from Oklahoma, chose not to touch the tragedy in song, and instead played upbeat country number 'How Country Feels' by Randy Houser, which Adam called 'a lot of fun' and their coach Blake says proved 'they can be stars'.But they said afterwards that they were 'praying for ya' to everyone at home, while Colton added: 'Oklahoma is a very strong state, and sadly they've been through this before.A Thursday in, he asked me to play some of my songs and he would come up with these cool arrangements for these songs I had already written," Hill told .

The rest was history -- or at least it's going to be once this record reaches fans' hands. Judith Hill: 'Daddy's Little Girl' Live It's quite the musical honor to be invited into the folds of Prince's creativity, and it's one Hill describes as "welcoming." She learned a lot from the legendary Minnesotan, but mostly, it was his constant strive for excellence that he instilled in her that helped her make such a bold album. I like that challenge, because with him, it’s do-or-die on that stage.

Part of your musical background is as a backup singer, and you're featured very prominently in the film, "20 Feet from Stardom." That movie touches on a particular fact, that if you become very good at singing backup then you almost become locked into that world and it's very hard to have a solo career. I started as a background singer for Michel Polnareff right out of college and lived in France for a year, then I was launched into working with Michael Jackson.

All of these things cultivated my art and helped me become the person I am today.

'This is a toughy one for me,' Shakira told him, saying it was 'mission impossible' to try to sound as great as the British rock band, while Adam admitted: 'There were certain moments where I felt like you were not comfortable.'Kris Thomas also had Cee Lo helping, which also swayed him to a more pop sound than he usually goes for, with 'Adorn' by Miguel - as well as tips on being sexier in his performances.

Judith Glory Hill (born May 6, 1984) is an American singer and songwriter born in Los Angeles, California.

You might remember Hill from her appearance in the Oscar-winning 2013 documentary, "20 Feet from Stardom." Her soulful voice has supported some of the biggest names in music — including Elton John and Stevie Wonder.