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Other storylines involve sado-masochism, executions, impalement and even molestation by a giant spider.

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In the Adult Link Timeline, the Zora evolved into Rito.Interestingly, a symbol identical to the Mark of Nayru is sometimes associated with the Zora race.A frequent visitor to Hell, she also enjoys sending others there to be tormented.Her adventures are full of quite explicit, if humorous, eroticism and in one memorable scene she is shown fellating the devil himself.These fine asses get a butt-slammin' like you wouldn't believe. There is not always a map that shows you how to find it. At a homecoming club crawl, she meets a super hot club owner who really leaves a lasting impression.

In the movie "X Marks the Spot", the girls are gorgeous, the action is hot, and the treasure is bountiful. When she goes to his place for a few drinks, she has already hatched her plan.

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