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I assumed there was power in numbers, stocked up on both dates and responsibilities, and jetted full speed ahead.The only problem is, life doesn’t work according to a point system and those who collect the most credits don’t get to graduate faster.

I have appreciated both your support and enthusiasm. (Ok a few people have been annoying but most of you are AWESOME!!! As much fun as I have had, it has been a very expensive new business and I am going to have to throw in the towel. I hope all of you find the love and happiness that you are looking for and who knows, I may see you again some day!

A big shout out to Ron, Nate and Matthew, without whose help I never could have created this site.

I say something like sending him on a scavenger hunt just to find a game for Xbox 360 or a Wii.

Have a friend hide the game (somewhere safe) and set up the scavenger hunt so you and your guy can both do it together." – Caitlin, 15"I got my boyfriend a poster of the first movie we saw together.

Sometime around by twenty-ninth birthday, it began dawning on me that I was still a kid, a , in ways that surpassed my love for Converse. Last but not least, I hadn’t had a functional relationship in years.

I had just moved back from Paris and my life was a mess. With 365 days left until Checkpoint 30, I decided to whip myself in shape using the same aggressive approach that had previously winged me through countless exams. They are the best of times, they are the worst of times.They are the times of excessive attention and 200 Facebook notifications and Instagram collages created for hours by your smartphone-illiterate friends; they are also the times of evaluating your life accomplishments and cross-referencing them with your childhood dreams and expectations.Take a look through all the PDA pics in the gallery (above) AND get a closer glimpse at Paris' 31-year-old make-out partner (below)!Love is a central theme in humanity across time and cultures.How does it affect us so deeply that sane people have gone mad over it?